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“I had the opportunity to work with the Creative Dynamic team over the past couple of years and found them to be extremely capable, talented, knowledgeable, very professional and enjoyable. It is my hope to work with this company in the future.”
– Van Earl Wright, TV Host and Professional Sports Announcer
“Justin’s attention to emotional detail is incredible.”
– April Rose, TV Host and Professional Model
“Whether it be a nationally televised sporting event, a 30-second sizzle reel, or a highlight video to be played on the in-arena video board; Creative Dynamic’s work is always polished, exciting and innovative. Justin’s strong personality coupled with his talent can and will provide any company with exactly what they are looking for. This team has my 100% recommendation.”
– Jim Lambright, President, 3 Dot Entertainment
“Creative Dynamic has made a phenomenal impact in the successful promotion of our night club properties. Whether producing our live events, managing social media or delivering commercials, Justin and James are extremely talented and knowledgable. And the final product? Simply outstanding. Every single time.”
– Paul Malek, President, Day & Night Entertainment
“We had a great experience working with the Creative Dynamic team for a music video shoot. Not only were they knowledgable and professional, they made sure we had everything we needed to put our best foot forward. They understood how to bring out the best in us and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”
– Drenalin (Sreamline Entertainment)
“Justin is a rock star. He’s willing to do what’s necessary to create an exceptional product. There’s nothing I value more than someone working hard to exceed my expectations and Justin fits that bill.”
– Corey Michael Blake, President, Round Table Companies
I have seen Justin’s work and seen Justin at work. In a word: impressive. In another word: creative. And while we are at it, you can add: professional, organized and meticulous (without being obsessive compulsive), dependable and easy to work with. There are more words, and they all are positive. His finished product is top-notch, as anyone who has seen any of his efforts can attest. If you want quality, Justin is the very definition of that.”
– Elliott Harris, CEO,
“I have had the pleasure of working with the ‘CD’ team on several projects and each time we work together I have received great direction in terms of what we wanted the final piece to become as well as answers to issues that have come up. The whole team is easy to get along with and are people who I have had great creative dialogues with. They stay up to date on their craft and know current trends and have a vision to take content into new and exciting directions.”
– Christopher Biewer, Visual Designer and Motion Graphics Artist, Statographics
“Justin has a vivid imagination which he translates into beautiful imagery on screen. Together with his talent as a producer and director and his ability to lead a team, make him a valuable asset to any company.”
– Keith Kilcoyne, Video Editor/Motion Graphics, Comcast Inc.
“These professionals exemplify the attitude of “What ever it takes” to get the job done. They work extremely well under pressure and tight deadlines always managing to deliver whats necessary to get on the air and look good doing it.”
– Russ Rodriguez, Director, Aesthetic Abstractions, Inc
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